Sunday, May 20, 2012

Animal Jam In Offline Mode Because Of "Pesky Phantoms"

Will The Why Remain A Mystery?

Two times in the same week, Animal Jam™ was in offline mode because of "Pesky Phantoms," but what are they referring to?  Phantoms simply aren't the ones who did the damage, making jammers jump to conclusions of why this "offline mode" happened.  Some people think that it was hackers who were the pesky phantoms.  Sorry, but that would take months to repair.  The programming system is very delicate.  So, that probably is not reason.  My theory is that Animal Jam™ did some updating.  You have probably noticed that the "You Have Been Logged Out" sign is different.  Well, that is evidence that Animal Jam™ did some updating.  I also did some research in Jamaa.  Have you noticed that some of the things on your trading list is now animated, such as the pufferfish, imprisoned phantoms, etc.  It's the details that count.  AJ wasn't like that before . . . correct?  That is my theory.  Believe what you want, because who knows?  Maybe I'm wrong.  What's your theory . . .  Thanks for reading Jammer Central News!  Enjoy :-)

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  1. Whoops! I wrote a LOT! Please forgive me if that post was super boring. I may have wrote a bit too much. Okay, a lot to much! Not a big fan of reading? Don't read this post! :-)


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