Friday, May 25, 2012

Save the Endangered!

Here is where you have the option to learn about endangered
primates.  This activity is full of facts that some will dislike
and others will love!  : - )
Do you remember that Animal Museum located in Appondale?  Well, good news!  AJHQ has changed the Animal Museum into the all new Conservation Museum!  Because the monkeys are now endangered, Animal Jam™ has come up with this awesome idea of creating the Conservation Museum in honor of the monkey.  There, you can do many activities.  Guess what jammers?  You can even DONATE to real endangered species all across the world!  Here are some pictures of me exploring the Conservation Museum:
Here is probably my favorite activity- although I have no clue why
because all I have to do is click.  You can donate up to 1,000 gems
for endangered animals!  As a bonus, you may even give an
idea of what animal you want to bring to Jamaa!!! : - D

Here is where you can print coloring pages with pictures
of many animals you'll see in Jamaa!  These pages also
include certain facts about animals!  : - )


  1. I'm sorry if this post is a little hard to understand! The blog just wasn't cooperating well. :-( Here's hint : read the pics last. Thanks!
    ~babyhoneybear :-)

  2. I love this blog


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