Sunday, June 17, 2012

Glitch or Not?

I discovered a way how to make the Appondale mud useful!  You can wow jammers at awesome parties and igloo dens with this somewhat cool trick!  There is one thing I am trying to figure out : Is this a glitch or not?  The answers may vary because this is a matter of opinion, but I'd like to know what YOU think!  So, here's how you do this little trick :
First, dance in the Appondale mud until
you are a full brown.

Next, go to the Wolves Only
Party (If that event is happening)
and stand by the lava.  You will
turn a full red instead of just a
partial red.  I figured this out
by experimenting in Jamaa.

Finally, the process was finished!
And, yes, this is a pic of my bunny.
Why?  I have no idea. :-)

~Babyhoneybear :-)

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